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Guest editorial

Work placements as research-based learning – a student and employer perspective, Stephanie Rooke, Georgina Lamb, p. 1-3.

Project articles

Analyses of captive behaviour and enclosure use in Rothschild giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis rothschildi) housed at Paignton Zoo Environmental Park®, Sarah Garry, p. 4-30.

Investigation of the vasorelaxant properties of Nitroxyl during altered glycaemic conditions, Kimberley Sams, p. 31-43.

A preliminary study into the use of canopy invertebrates and sampling techniques in relation to forest indicators in a fragmented Scottish woodland – application and management, Natalie Walsh, p. 44-79.

In Vitro assessment of the survivability of Lactobacillus casei DN-114 001 and Lactobacillus casei Shirota, within commercialised food matrices, in the upper gastrointestinal tract, Rosie Wills, p. 80-91.

Project articles - Engineering

Effects of algal toxicity on the clearance rate of the blue mussel (Mytilus edulis), Samantha Bowgen, p. 92-104.

Project articles - Psychology

Comparing risk-taking and digit ratio (2D:4D) in offenders and non-offenders, Taja Anderson, p. 105-120.

The effect of ITGD sensitivity and contact on attitudes towards burqas, Sophie Augarde, p. 121-144.

Effects of a gardening task on chocolate craving, Sarah-Jane Baugh, p. 145-164.

The positive effects of aquarium visits on children’s behaviour: A behavioural observation, Hazel Cocker, p. 165-181.

The use of errorless learning in the rehabilitation of Action Disorganisation Syndrome: a case study, Blaize Dymond, p. 182-202.

Investigating placebo mechanisms: could a PDP system exist? Francesca Payne, p. 203-223.

A study to investigate the effects of priming a Lad’s magazine brand on women’s perception of the sexual harassment of other women, Emily Robson. p. 224-243.

Mood affective outcomes from alternate learning strategies: cognitive flexibility and dyslexic education, Dylan Williams, p. 224-243.

Project articles - Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences

A critical analysis of the Kyoto Protocol using Monte Carlo simulation and MAGICC, Penny Lambert, p. 270-329.

Spatial and temporal patterns of erosion along the Holderness coastline, North East Yorkshire, UK, Verity Macfarlane, p. 330-388.

Location, demographic, lifestyle and behavioural influences on household participation in Bournemouth Borough Council’s kerbside recycling scheme, Stephanie Rooke, p. 389-442.

An evaluation of whether artificial refuge traps or baited traps are the most effective method for trapping White-clawed crayfish (Austropotamobius pallipes), Kathryn Walter, p. 443-485.

Facies analysis and diagenesis of late Pleistocene shoreline sands, Saunton, North Devon, Sophie Young, p. 486-543.

Literature reviews

Fluorescent proteins and chromoproteins in phylum: Cnidaria, Mario Lewis, p. 544-557.

The effects of logging and fragmentation on bird diversity, Bethan McCarthy, p. 558-568.

The ecology of tardigrades, Emma Northcote-Smith, p. 569-580.

The conservation biology and ecology of the African leopard Panthera pardus pardus, Ross Tyzack Pitman, p. 581-600.

Biologging science: advances in our knowledge of seabirds and their behaviours, David Evans, p. 601-616.

How will ocean acidification affect marine photosynthetic organisms? A review, Michael Jarrold, p. 617-634.

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