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All these incredible research and development articles in this edition are from STEM students at the University of Plymouth, working on their final year research project during the COVID19 lockdowns over the period 2020 and 2021. A huge thank you to them, and their committed supervisors. I have enjoyed reading your submissions and working with you all. With kind regards, Dr Jason B. Truscott (Chief Editor).


Project articles - Biomedical sciences

Danielle Martin, A comparison of the risk of pancreatic adenocarcinoma development between individuals with different ABO blood group phenotypes: A meta-analysis, pp. 1-26.


Project articles - Biological and Marine Sciences

Jade L. Buttifant, Habitat modelling of the harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) in southwest UK: effects of depth, slope and tidal state, pp. 27-47.
Niamh Bowdler, Impact of geographical variability on the bleaching stresses in the Atlantic, Indian and South Pacific Ocean, pp. 48-66.
Louise Eley, Using remote sensing techniques to investigate the detection of Sargassum Blooms in the Caribbean and Possible Causes for these Events, pp. 67-90.
Isabelle Hann, Variations in thermal performance of cardiac function of pure and hybrid Mytilus spp. as a factor influencing hybrid zone dynamics , pp. 91-106.
Jennifer Hickman, Variability in epifaunal assemblages between Sargassum muticum and Zostera marina: a functional group approach, pp. 107-127.
Bianca Allegra Parodi, The effect of parental thermal environment on maternal investment and offspring performance, pp. 128-139.
Edward Wilson, Spatial variation of epibiont communities on the shells of Patella vulgata along an estuarine and exposure gradient, pp. 140-159.


Project articles - Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Jack Baker,  A study to assess the viability of novel in-situ techniques for determining chloroform in drinking water in developing countries, pp. 160-190.
Danielle Young, Does cannabidiol (CBD) oil convert to psychotropic cannabinoids including tetrahydrocannabinol? pp. 191-224. 
Taylor Wood, Parameters controlling large landslide propagation , pp. 225-252.


Project articles - Engineering, Computing and Mathematics

Reece Ambrose, An isotropic neo-hookean finite element model of healthy elastic arterial walls within commercial software, pp. 253-278.
Daniel Cresswell,  Scale model behaviour and float geometry influence on an oscillating water column system, pp. 279-310.
Sarah Durbridge, The effect of onshore wind on wave overtopping of a vertical sea wall, pp. 311-355.
Emily Prestige, What effect do government policies have on the transmission of COVID-19? pp. 356-428.
Mohammad Alam Moh Tahir,    Constrained portfolio optimisation, pp. 429-464.
Jacqueline Tan, Qing Zhang, Sia Wang Ying and Yutong Qin, Predicting emergency repairs using classification methods, pp. 465-496.


Project articles - Psychology

Louis Aldrich, Spontaneous visual perspective-taking: level 2 representations of anothers perspective are not related to what they actually see, pp. 497-512.
Diyotima Datta, Handedness: Does it affect interhemispheric transfer? pp. 513-531.
Rhian Graham, Exploring the minimum number of trials needed to accurately detect concealed information using EEG, pp. 532-547.
Lucy Matthews, How are defendants of high-profile court cases framed in the media? A qualitative analysis of news media coverage of Caroline Flack's arrest, pp. 548-570.
Sammy Parkin, Who owns these objects? - Impact of social and personal conditions on self-prioritisation, pp. 571-586.
Amber Presley, The extent to which autistic traits are predictive of impairments in allocentric spatial
, pp. 587-606.
Elenie Shotton, How do personality traits influence the experience of positive emotions? pp. 607-635.
Joshua Samuel Taylor-Smith, Public perceptions of indecent image offenders, pp. 636-650.
Niamh Thomason-Darch, The Dark Tetrad of personality and the tendency to engage in revenge porn, pp. 651-668.
Amy Willcocks, Gender differences in attitudes towards trauma/abuse disclosure, pp. 669-691.

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